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College & Career Planning


It is never too early to begin to explore and research your dream colleges/schools and your career.  Let's begin today.

College Exploration


  • Attend College Presentations on campus to learn more about different colleges & majors that they offer

  • Attend Districtwide College Fair in October to gather information for colleges that are not presented on campus

  • Sign up & attend college field trips sponsored by College & Career Ctr.

  • Visit  Provides information about specific public and private schools in California, career planning, and financial aid.

  • My Majors ( - Assists with finding best-fit college majors, schools, and career path.

Career Exploration


  • Career Cruising (
    Helps users learn about themselves such as interests, skills, preferences and aspirations-- and features a career guide with in-depth occupational profiles and college information.


    • Username:  alhambra

    • Password:  moors


  • Visit  Provides assessments in interests, values, learning productivity, personality, skills etc. to help students to identify matching careers

  • College Board: ( Explore interests and colleges that will put you on a path to a bright future.


Commonly Used College Applications Websites


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