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College Credit (Dual Enrollment) Classes

What is Dual Enrollment?

Dual enrollment, sometimes called concurrent enrollment, is a program that allows high school students (usually sophomores, juniors, and seniors) to enroll in college courses for credit prior to high school graduation.


Who may enroll?

  • Any high school student with counselor approval


Fees... FREE! 


  • Earn college credit as long as you pass the class

  • It's a college class. Experience what a college feels like. Learn from college professors!

  • Free college credit!


  • Time commitment. Classes are afterschool so you might have to give up an extracurricular you like if schedule conflicts

  • It's a college class. Courses are expected to be more challenging.

How to sign up?

Go to the College & Career Center for more info!

DE Article.png

Click on the article below to read more about Dual Enrollment from an article in The Aztec, MKHS's student newspaper.

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